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Updated: Nov 23, 2022

(available on Spotify)

FTC Rating: 4.5 out of 5

A father in Austin, Texas steps onto his porch to retrieve what he believes to be an ordinary package. Suddenly, it explodes, tragically taking his life in front of his neighbors and young daughter. This random act marked the beginning of 19 days of terror, during which the entire city was held hostage by a serial bomber.

Hosted by, Jason Puckett, this six-part podcast follows the manhunt for a self-described “psychopath” and its explosive conclusion.


- Primarily told by reporters in Austin, with the cooperation of federal and local law enforcement

- Honors the victims and their lives

- Successfully captures the fear and emotions that consumed Austinites during March of 2018 and in the months/years that followed

- Step-by-step accounting of the investigation and the tough decisions made by investigators

- Discusses the perpetrator’s background and possible motives


- "Bonus Episode: After the Final Blast" did not add much of interest

Final Thought:

- This was a solid, engaging podcast. My review is minimal because I want to encourage FTC readers to uncover the case for themselves. Highly recommend this one those interested in reporting and/or investigative techniques used by the FBI.

Picture Source: Spotify

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