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Heaven's Gate

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

(available on Spotify) Warning: Includes descriptions and discussions about suicide FTC Rating: 5 out of 5

Life can be difficult, many struggle to find purpose, acceptance and meaning amidst the chaos. Some turn to organized religion, while others seek alternative paths. Tragically, one such road led thirty-nine members of the Heaven’s Gate cult to take their own lives in 1997. Hosted by Glynn Washington, this ten-part podcast examines the group’s foundation, evolution, and structure in an attempt to understand how seemingly ordinary people could be attracted to such extreme beliefs.

Strengths: - Includes interviews with former Heaven’s Gate group members - Explores the cult’s foundation and core beliefs - The podcast’s goal is to understand the motivations of members without simply writing them off as “crazy” or “brainwashed”. - The episode with Ti’s daughter - The interviews with former members and families humanised these events - Insight into Heaven’s Gate’s recruitment process, advertising strategies - Reveals the final days leading up to the mass suicide and the tapes left behind by members - The host’s fascinating personal experiences with an unrelated group known as the Worldwide Church of God

Weakness: - Could benefit from an academic analysis of what constitutes a “cult” (perhaps this omission is intentional to prompt listeners to examine their own loyalties and beliefs)

Final thought:

- Throughout the podcast, Glynn Washington draws numerous parallels between Heaven’s Gate and fundamentalist Christian groups. I wonder how many listeners of the podcast were offended by these comparisons and how many questioned their beliefs as a result.

If you or someone you know is struggling, help is available:

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