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Life with Murder

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

(available on Prime)

FTC Rating: 4 out of 5

A small town in Ontario is shaken by the murder of an innocent teenage girl in her home. As the story unfolds, Jennifer’s family is faced with the horrific realization that her very own brother, Mason pulled the trigger. This documentary follows Jennifer’s parents over a ten-year period as they process their grief, navigate a strained relationship with their son convicted of the crime, and face the judgment of their extended family and community. This heartbreaking case tests the boundaries of unconditional love.


-Interview with the lead detective

-Features extensive interrogation footage with all three immediate family members

-Insight into the Canadian penal system

-Filmmakers gain the trust of the Jenkins and this results in a deeply personal accounting of events.


-Minimal coverage of the trial and appeals

Final Thoughts:

-Despite the pertinent, direct, and unrelenting questions, Mason did not accept full responsibility for his sister’s death. This conclusion is difficult for me to accept because his parents deserved the truth for their steadfast support.

-I often wanted to judge Brian and Leslie Jenkins for their (strange) reactions but that would be unfair as it is impossible for me to comprehend their pain.

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