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Mommy Dead and Dearest

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

(available on Crave)

Extreme Warning: Descriptions of medical interventions; physical, mental, and sexual abuse

FTC Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Gypsy Rose Blanchard spent her childhood and adolescence in hospitals, enduring multiple medical interventions to treat her numerous conditions, which included leukemia, muscular dystrophy, paraplegia, and epilepsy. She was completely reliant on her mother Claudinea "Dee Dee" Blanchard as Gypsy was bound to a wheelchair and fed through a tube. During these difficult times, the family relied heavily on the kindness of strangers and charities to support them. But things are not always what they seem…

This docuseries explores the 2015 murder of Dee Dee Blanchard and the horrible truth she hid from the world.


- Participation of authorities

- The interview with Gypsy Rose Blanchard

- Comprehensive catalogue of Gypsy’s supposed illnesses, medical reports

- Insight provided by medical professionals, especially the doctor who notes Munchausen by Proxy in his notes

- Presents the relationship between Gypsy and Nicholas Godejohn objectively

- The police interrogation tapes


- Except for the interview with Gypsy’s father, the interviews with family members provide limited insight and are largely speculative

- Information on Nicholas Godejohn’s background is limited

Final thoughts:

- According to Gypsy, Dee Dee Blanchard’s last words were “don’t hurt me” and I found this curious. Was this meant as another form of manipulation or can we trust Gypsy’s word that she never physically fought back against her mother?

- The relationship between Gypsy and her boyfriend was difficult to witness. To me, their entire relationship only began to make sense if I looked at it through the lens of an emotionally immature person, with a history of untreated mental illness.

- I hope Gypsy gets the help she needs during and after her release from prison.

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