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NBC Dateline: The Widower - A Three Part Event

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

(podcast available on Spotify/docuseries available on NBC) FTC rating: 3 out of 5

When does coincidence turn to suspicion? Four-time widower, Thomas Randolph claims he is lucky in love as he sits in a jail cell accused of double homicide in the shooting death of his last wife, Sharon Causse Randolph. Detectives delve into his previous relationships to uncover a sinister pattern of abuse, greed, and possibly murder.

Strengths: -Includes 911 call and interrogations -Walk-through with police provides a vivid picture of the crime scene -Chilling clips of Randolph describing his wives -Coverage of the trial including State and Defense strategies -Does not have the typical Dateline interview style which can be irritating to some listeners/viewers

Weaknesses: -Could benefit from more information about Thomas Randolph's upbringing -The podcast is not adapted from the television version so it is essential to pay close attention as it's not always obvious who is speaking. The inclusion of some light narration would help listeners better follow the story.

Final Thoughts: -Reminiscent of Dirty John (see previous FTC review/recommendation) -A solid addition to the true crime genre by NBC's longest running series

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