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Updated: Nov 23, 2022

It is impossible to deny the impact Making a Murderer continues to have on the true crime genre. Much like the podcast Serial, it not only captured the attention of aficionados but also new audiences previously unfamiliar with this category of storytelling. It is partially responsible for the explosion of true crime content across platforms; and it is heavily analyzed, discussed, and debated by experts and amateur observers. A quick google search of “Making a Murderer” yielded an astonishing 9,160,000 search results. Among the subjects hotly discussed are the objectivity of the docuseries and if the filmmakers are presenting a credible accounting of events. I immediately recall the clearly bias presentation of The Staircase (see FTC review/recommendation) whose agenda was not hidden from the viewers and therefore its overall credibility remained intact. Can the same argument apply to Making a Murder? I will leave this open-ended question here for debate as my goal is not to provide a definitive answer but to weigh if this pop culture success is worthy of the title “Finest”.

Stay tuned for FTC’s Season 1 review of Making a Murderer.

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