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The Minds of Madness: A True Crime Podcast

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

(available on most podcast platforms including Spotify or through the website:

FTC Rating: 4 out of 5

Followers of FTC likely know that I have a strong preference for podcasts with single voice, linear narration. One of the finest examples is the Minds of Madness podcast produced out of Toronto, Canada. Host Tyler presents succinct episodes, which average about an hour in length, all with a respectful focus on the victims.

Standout episodes:

Episode 31 - Dianne Lake (her book soon to be featured in FTC’s upcoming recommendation)

Episode 56 – The Benoit Family

Episode 77 - Cindy James

Episode 81 - The Farmville Murders


-Includes biographies of the victims so they are not just another statistic

-Episodes named after the victims and not the perpetrators

-Draws heavily from media reports

-Details the investigations and often includes clips of interrogations

-Features “high” and “low” profile cases/people from all walks of life

-Over 100 episodes featuring cases in Canada, US, England and beyond


-Although the source material for each episode is included in the description, the podcast does not provide the sources of clips/quotes/interviews during the narration which can be pertinent to a listener’s understanding of the case coverage and/or of probative value.

Final Thought: Credit due to the theme music by Duncan Foster and “Feel the Madness” by the Funkoars

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